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                               ZOOM VIDEO MEETINGS.


Obviously at present Seniornet can not continue with classes due to the Corona virus and lock down.  But that does not mean that we can not continue to provide services to our members.  In fact it is possible that we can better meet the needs of more people now and in the future by using online services.  People who are working and therefore unable to attend classes during the day or people in rural areas who have  difficulty travelling to meetings.

Using online services we can provide more individual attention with small groups, one to one tuition, or better assist students who have a particular problem.  Discussions have been taking place with Seniornet representatives from all over the country and we have decided using the KISS  principle (keep it simple stupid) to use ZOOM as the platform of choice.  

Using ZOOM would allow for teaching in a group or conference setting, on a one to one basis, with the advantage of screen sharing where the tutor can be permitted to see what you are doing on your screen and if need be can further be permitted to control your computer.  The later may sound scary and a risk, but that is not the case.  Permission to control the computer has to be both asked for by the tutor  and accepted by the student.  The student can see exactly what is being done, and can stop the screen share by clicking on a button.  The permission to share the screen is cancelled both at that point or when the session is closed down.  This is no worse than allowing a tutor to operate your computer or handing your tablet to a tutor in a class situation.

As an example I have this week been working with an 85 year old friend who has a computer but did not even know his email address. By talking him through the ZOOM setup on the telephone I was able to then set up a Gmail account for him and now each day I can connect with him and watch and help him as he accesses his email and replies.  Today it will be opening attachments on an email and using You Tube.  

What is proposed is that Seniornet will endeavour to present online classes and one to one tuition where that is appropriate or required by students.   ZOOM is cross platform in other words it can be used on any computer or device from desktop to smart phone that has an internet connection, camera and microphone.

Some will have heard that using ZOOM is a risk.  I have been using ZOOM for over two years without experiencing any problems. have in fact just implemented a new security step which requires a user to have a password to enter a meeting.  Getting out of bed in the morning has a risk and the only one sure way of preventing any risk on a computer is to, not turn it on.

If this sounds like you and would like more information please contact  Bruce Smart  – Email – or phone 027 4474-386 OR  join us at our next class.