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Updated 7/6/2021


In this class you will learn to use Zoom communications on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Of course which ever you use will require that your device has a camera and microphone and that you know your e-mail address and password to connect to the internet. (Ipad users may require their Apple ID number) If you have trouble finding this click on this link for more information.,associated%20with%20your%20Apple%20ID.

If possible please download the Zoom program by typing the address into the address bar of your web browser. Eg Google or Microsoft Outlook. Select Plans and Pricing and select the Free version. Click on sign up for free and follow the instructions OR sign in with your Google Account or Facebook.

In the event that you have any difficulty please call at the Thursday morning class (10.00am 10th June 2021) and ask for assistance from the Tutors.

Zoom can be used to communicate with others and is increasingly being used for online classes and tuition. It could also enable you to receive assistance from a Tutor at times that Seniornet is either closed or it is not convenient to come into the Learning Center.

By downloading Zoom onto your device you will prevent a large waste of time waiting for people to get setup and allow more time for tuition and hands on practice. Thank you for your co-operation.

Using Zoom means that you can take advantage of the Interest Groups that Seniornet is trying to set up where people can communicate and share ideas with others with a similar interest, anywhere in the country. This can be done from the comfort of your home and at times convenient to you.


The use of Zoom also makes the ability to join in online classes possible. The Seniornet Federation is building up a list of programs called Hangouts. These are training sessions prepared by members of Seniornet throught the country to assist Tutors in the presentation of computer skills, which will become available to members in the near future. This means that a Tutor in one area can effectively tutor students in any other part on New Zealand. It also means that SeniorNet South will be able to provide personal tuition and sessions on topics where there would be insufficient numbers locally, with students from other parts of the country being included. It is intended that members will be able to view a session privately if they wish.

Live online classes are are quite enjoyable and allow for interaction between both the Tutor and students and student to student. A typed Chat facility also allows for students to ask questions which can be directed to everyone, the Tutor or a particular student, although this facility would not be possible where the lesson has prevously been recorded.


The Seniornet Federation is endeavouring to set up Interest Groups. These will be set up by a person who has a particular interest in a hobby or other activity. It is not necessarry that the topic is of a technical nature but the intention is to provide a facilty which provides social interaction between members. The person who wishes to hold the meeting would simply make it known and using Zoom invite other Seniornet members to join with them. For more information on this topic please send an Email to the following address.