Online Classes

Online tutorials

Planning is curently underway to investigate how SeniorNet can provide online classes and one to one tutorials using online tutoring.  This is a direction in which the world is moving and something which SeniorNet should not ignore.

Using programs such as Zoom means that SeniorNet could offer members virtual classes in which students could participate in, irrespective of where they reside.  Classes could be either pre recorded where students could access them at a time suitable to them, or live where students have the opportunity to ask questions of the tutor or other class members. Opportunities for one to one tuition could also be provided.

It is believed that opportunities such as this would be of benefit to people living in rural areas or who for other reasons may not be able to attend at learning center.  It should be pointed out that these options are not intended to compete with or replace learning centers, but rather as an addition to services already being offered.

Google have joined with SeniorNet Federation NZ to establish ways that this can be developed and at the end of 2019 very successful Senior Hangout classes were trialed.  These trials included 6 classes per day for 7 days of the week but were later reduced to 3 classes per day.  Each class was limited to 40 minutes duration. In many cases attendiing members who were quite conversant with a topic still found that they picked up tips and information that they had not been aware of.

An informal weekly discussion group is currently operating to discuss ways that we can benefit SenorNet and problems that learning centers are facing.  This has proved to be extremely valuable and attendees have found that they have made friends with others from all over the country.  There is no reason that “Interest Groups” can not be formed to discuss any topic, using the same processes.

Bruce Smart