Course fees are based on $8 per session (Usually two hours) This is not an unreasonable charge when you consider it at $4 per hour with a cup of coffee included,  Example One class $8 a five session course $40 and 10 session course $80.  Course fees can be paid in any multiple of $8 to suit your own needs.

Introduction to Computing using WinTutor 
You will learn the basics of:

  • Use of the mouse, basic keyboard keys and some keyboard shortcuts
  • Activating menus and use of Icons on Toolbars
  • Selecting (highlighting) text
  • Scrolling through a document
  • Using the mouse.


Basic Word Processing using WordPad  or Word                                   

  • Selecting drives
  • Create, save and delete files
  • Use of the MS Windows Explorer program and folder tree to create folders and subfolders


Word Processing                                                                             

Using MS Word or Google Docs

  • Running and exiting the program,
  • Finding your way around the screen
  • Entering text.
  • Toolbars and Icons
  • Creating, saving and closing documents.
  • Formatting text and scrolling with a mouse.
  • Page set-up and views, print preview, printing
  • Inserting indents, page breaks and the use of tabs & leaders
  • Adding Borders and Shading

Introductory course a prerequisite


Word Processing:                                                                           

Builds on skills gained in Getting Started with MS Word or Google Docs

  • More on toolbars & ruler.
  • Spelling, grammar, auto correct and thesaurus.
  • Use of fonts, highlighting, font colour, animated effects, change case and spacing
  • Page set up, headers, footings and page numbering.
  • The drawing toolbar and functions.
  • Moving or copy text using cut, copy and paste, the clipboard,
  • Creating templates,
  • Creating, renaming & deleting files and folders.
  • The Help menu.

Word Processing ‘Getting Started’ a prerequisite

For information on Word Processing (intermediate & advanced) courses please enquire from your tutor.


  • Introduction to Computers using Windows 10
  • Basic & Intermediate Word Processing using  Word 2013 and Google Docs

Tablets: iPad & Android
Android and iPad Part 1
Android and iPad Part 2


Spreadsheet using Excel  or Google Sheets 

  • Layout, Navigation
  • Entering & editing
  • Formulas, formatting, calculations
  • Percentages, averages
  • Inserting columns & rows
  • Cell references
  • Switching windows, shading & borders
  • Exploring & producing charts
  • Create  letters.
  • Spreadsheet – Templates

Word Processing Level 1 a prerequisite


File and Disk Management 

  • The understanding and organisation of disks, folders and files & how to navigate through them using File Explorer
  • Creating new folders and folder structures
  • Moving and copying files and folders;
  • General housekeeping on disks.

Word Processing Level 1 a prerequisite


E-Mail using G-Mail

  • Send, receive, print, reply to, forward & delete messages.
  • Set up Address book/contacts.
  • Save a message from an external source
  • Attachments
  • Insert a picture, text and link from the Web;

Word Processing Level 1 a prerequisite; File and Disk management desirable


Desktop Publishing Level 1 & 2:

  • Creating cards & invitations/calendars/newsletters.
  • Word Processing Level 2 a prerequisite

PowerPoint or Google Slides

Creating slide show presentations, posters, brochures, tutorials etc

Digital Photography using Photoshop Elements

Manage and enhance your photos.