Currently concerns have been expressed about the amount of  personal information that is being shared between  the popular communications package “What’s App” and it’s parent company Facebook.  Facebook states that any changes to the information shared relates primarily to communications between businesses or business and customers and does not affect  normal personal communications.
How much attention is paid to these concerns is really a personal choice, but there are however alternatives that you can use.  One of these is Signal    Click here for Link

One of the Co-editors of Signal is Brian Acton who was one of he founders of Facebook, who is reportedly concerned about the amount of data being shared by What’s App and Facebook that he has started two further companies, WeMe and Signal. (See Members only Page for more information on WeMe).

Signal is free to use and claims to be like What’s App, encrypted from end to end so that it can not be intercepted during transmission. It is also claimed that it does not share any data with anyone else.
Using Signal does not mean that you have to remove What’s App but rather you can have both running on the same device at the same time.  It is worth giving it a go and see which you prefer.  Both can be downloaded from the Play Store or the Apple Store.  I know that I will be giving it a try.

Bruce Smart